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Film Your Job Interview Practice

19336400_mGot a job interview coming up? Then consider putting your questions and answers on film and review your performance before you attend the job interview to help you prepare. Here are some ideas on how you can film your interview and assess your performance.

To set this up all you will need is a camera – either on a camera unit, webcam or mobile phone. After you have recorded your answers you can then upload them to your PC and watch them back and make improvements. You can repeat this process multiple times to help you feel extra prepared for the job interview.

Ask Questions

The first thing you need to do to prepare for this is to narrow down some interview questions to answer. Write down some questions that an interviewer may ask – for some ideas read our article on typical job interview questions. Read these to familiarise yourself with them and to help you think of an answer. Once you have done this a few times, get ready to hit the record button and to film your answers.


Turn on your camera and film yourself answering each job interview question without turning the camera off and don’t start again if you make a mistake. You won’t get an opportunity to start again during a real job interview so you should treat this as the real thing! Once you have answered the first question, read the next aloud and answer it as you would during a job interview.

Prepare Questions

After you have finished reading through the questions and delivering your answers, you should prepare some questions of your own to ask the employer. Asking an employer questions during a job interview will show that you have done your research and will reiterate your interest in the position. Ask the questions to camera and record them.


Now you can upload your video to your computer and play back your questions and answers. Doing this will enable you to assess your performance. Have a pen ready to make notes on your appearance, tone of voice, body language, phrases, answers and the quality of the questions you ask. You should be able to see any mistakes you make or pick up on points to be improved. Repeat this process until you feel you are as prepared as possible!