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Job interview Tips – How to Impress the Interviewer

16975369_mImpressing the interviewer should be your number one priority during a job interview. If you can impress the interviewer by showing them why you are the ideal candidate for the job, then you are almost guaranteed the role! Here are a few tips on how to impress during a job interview.

  • Be punctual. This is vital. Employers look for candidates that are reliable and trustworthy and showing up on time for your interview is the best way of demonstrating this.
  • Be dynamic. Don’t plod along in an interview by choosing the ‘safe’ answers. Instead show the employer that you are dynamic and think outside the box by answering their questions in a creative way.
  • Ask questions. Doing this will show the employer that you are interested in them and the company. Don’t be afraid to ask questions that might sound obvious. Too many candidates ask very few questions because they are afraid of coming across as unintelligent. There are very few silly questions when it comes to job interviews so speak up and it will impress.
  • Compliment. Complimenting an employer on their business or work environment will demonstrate that you are interested in the organisation. However there is a fine line between flattery and being too over familiar so be selective when doing this.
  • If you are invited back for a second interview, ensure that in the first interview you spend some time surveying the room for any talking topics. Are they a fan of a particular sports group? Do they have any photos or certificates that could serve as a talking point? Bringing these up will help you stand out from the crowd.
  • Highlight your skills – you can do this verbally or by showing them your career portfolio. Relating your skills to their company will help you to impress the employer too.
  • Show them how much you know about their company. Research is crucial!
  • Be eager. Remain upbeat during the interview as good energy and body language can help you to leave a positive impression!

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