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Job Hunt Tips If You’re Unemployed

10445885_mIf you are unemployed and been searching for a job for a while, you may be feeling unmotivated. It can take weeks to secure a position. Check out the tips below to help you maintain motivation and secure employment more quickly.


Getting into a routine while you are looking for employment is essential if you want to maintain motivation. A routine can help you to concentrate on your job search, which should lead to you sending more job applications out. If you don’t maintain a routine you could feel disorganised. If you are unemployed it is also vital to have a routine as it will help you ease back into working life when you secure employment.

Talk to People

Job seeking can be lonely so it is vital that you socialise with industry contacts. Not only will networking help you to keep motivated and up to date with industry news, but it will also allow you to learn about new working opportunities. Take a long copies of your CV to networking events and meetings and hand these out to potential employers.


Regular exercise can be a great way of keeping motivated and positive during your job hunt. Exercise releases endorphins and can help you feel more energised, including while you look for a job! Try and exercise in the morning or use your lunch break to get some fresh air as this will help you aim for your goals!

Hand Out Your CV

Although many employers advertise their vacancies online, many still look for candidates through the local media and job boards. You can still gain a potential interview by handing out your CV to employers so spend a portion of your week taking your CV to local companies to increase your job chances.