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Internships – Good or Bad For Career Progression?

17777221_mThere are pros and cons to taking an internship position and you should weigh these up before you start in the role

An internship is a great way of boosting your work experience and meeting contacts but it can also hinder your career – if you don’t choose the right one.

Generally there shouldn’t be many disadvantages to working in an internship as you should only really do it if you want to know more about the industry and the job role.

We’ve listed below some pros and cons of accepting an internship to help you decide if it’s the right step for you.


Networking: This is definitely an advantage of accepting an intern position. Networking will allow you to meet lots of like-minded individuals who share your passion for the industry and enjoy the same work responsibilities as you. Whether you are an intern for a few weeks or a few months you should try and network with as many people as possible and meet new contacts as this could help when you are looking for a job.

Work experience: This is the main reason why lots of people accept internship positions. It is usually because you are looking to crack a specific industry but you know you need more experience on your CV template.

Career portfolio: Depending on the industry you should be able to build on your career portfolio and keep it fresh. Ensure you keep a copy of any work you have completed and ensure you add it to your career portfolio.

References: If you network and show enthusiasm for the position you should be able to secure a good reference. This will be really valuable when you are looking for jobs in the future and could help you gain a job interview.


Salary: Many internships (not all) are unpaid and therefore you need to make sure you can afford to work in the position. If it’s a role you really want why not save up to work there?

Lack of knowledge: If you inadvertently end up working for a company that doesn’t pay much attention to you or that doesn’t have a firm plan for your time there then you could end up leaving with no extra knowledge. You need to make sure you can join in with as many office tasks as possible so you can increase your experience.

Time wasting: If you choose an internship that is not remotely related to the industry you want to work in you could end up wasting time and putting your CV and experience on halt. Assess whether it’s the type of internship you will gain value from.

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