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Including a Photo in Your CV

13868394_mIncluding a photo on your CV has become increasingly popular in recent times with the fast-paced multimedia world we live in playing a big part in influencing the modern-day CV. However for certain job positions it may not strictly be appropriate to include a photo and for those where it is appropriate you certainly need to be keeping the image as professional and presentable as possible. Our CV builder allows you to include your photo on your new CV or replace it with professional looking graphics instead as we believe your CV needs this kind of flexibility depending on your job application and your personality.

Should I put a photo on my CV?

It’s difficult to offer a definitive answer as in most cases this will depend completely on the job application and how you feel personally about the way in which you wish to present yourself. Certain positions do lend themselves well to the inclusion of a photograph on your CV and some job advertisements may actually request it. If you’re looking for work in the media sector, drama industry or any profession where you’re dealing direct with consumers or where outright presentation is important it may be a good idea to include a recent photograph on your CV. If you’re using our CV tool you can do this by simply uploading the relevant picture file and can present it in a number of professional styles using our graphically designed templates. If you are including a photo be sure that it is recent and representative of your current appearance – there’s no use giving the employer a false impression of your appearance as you’ll be quickly found out as soon as you arrive at the job interview! Additionally you should ensure that the photo shows you in appropriate clothing, for example; if it is a business position you are applying for you should be dressed in corporate clothing for your CV photo. However you can afford a cheeky smile as this is not your passport and prospective employers like to see cheerful employees.

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