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Improving Your Time Management Skills at Work

Time Management At WorkAre you finding yourself leaving work late every day? Completing extra work at the weekends? Then you are either extremely dedicated to your role or your time management skills need work. If you want to be more efficient and you feel you need to improve your time management at work, here are some tips:

Arrive Early

If you arrive early to work you should be able to handle your daily work load much more efficiently. Turning up to work early will give you time to organise your work – before you get interrupted with work meetings or chats with colleagues. Get to your desk early to arrange your emails and get ready for your working day.

Write a To Do List

Writing a to-do-list is one of the most effective ways of keeping organised and will help you to stay on track with your daily duties. At the beginning of every work week write a to-do-list and place it somewhere visible like your desk or computer and refer to it on an hourly basis. Choose tasks that are essential or need completing urgently and move them to the top of the list to ensure you don’t miss any deadlines and work through your to-do-list throughout the week, completing all of your tasks before the weekend. If you can’t complete a task before you leave for the weekend, ensure you mark it for your to-do-list on Monday as this will help you to feel more organised and will make it easier to leave your work at the office.

Schedule Your Work Load

Setting up a daily work schedule and sticking to it will give your working day structure and should help you to complete tasks more quickly. A daily schedule will also give you focus. Divide your morning into work sections – ensuring you leave some time for tea breaks and to step away from your desk as it will help you to stay motivated. Attack certain work tasks in the morning, whether it’s administration or replying to emails. After lunch schedule your next assignments, scheduling your day in this way will help you keep determined at work.