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How to Write the Education Section of Your CV

working from homeThe education section of your CV template is one of the most important sections as it tells an employer your expertise and verifies whether you have the right qualifications for the job. If an employer can’t see that you have the right qualifications on your CV, you may not even reach the job interview stage. Read on for ideas of how to structure the education section of your CV.

What to Include:

The education section of your CV should highlight the places you studied, the courses/subjects and your grades achieved. You should include all of your qualifications from secondary school upwards. You don’t need to go into much detail – simply list the establishment you attended, the dates you were there and then list names of subjects studied and the grade you achieved. This will give the employer the opportunity to glance through and to decide whether your skills and qualifications are matched to the position they are advertising.

Where to Include Education on Your CV:

This depends on your experience. If you are a recent graduate and have little work experience then include your education before the work experience section. However, if you have lots of experience in the industry, then include this before your education credentials.


It is crucial that you order your education in date order and put the most recent qualification at the top of the list. This will make it easy for an employer to see your most recent, and arguably most important, qualification. If they need to read on they can then read down the list to see what other qualifications you achieved.


You should alter the education section of your CV for every job you apply for to ensure it is relevant. There is little point in listing a set of qualifications you achieved if you think they are completely irrelevant to the job. Pick the qualifications that are most important – if an employer has specifically asked for a certain qualification then highlight it in the education section as it’s this the employer will be looking for.

Work in Progress:

If you are currently studying for a qualification but haven’t completed the course, you can still include this on your CV if you feel it is relevant to the job you are applying to. Just ensure under the grade you include ‘awaiting grade’ or ‘expected grade…’