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How to Write a CV When You Leave School

15171103_mIf you are about to leave school and apply for your first job here are some tips to help you write a CV.

Contact Details

At the top of your CV you should list your contact details including your location, email address and phone number. You can also include social media links (if they are professional accounts) and any links to your online CV, blog or career portfolio. The employer will use these details to contact you if you are successful with a job interview.


You need to fill out the education section of your CV with the subjects you have studied and the grades you have achieved. Start by listing the name of the school you have attended followed by the dates you have been studying for. Then list all of the subjects you have studied e.g. English, Maths, Science, History, Drama…
You should also list subjects that you have specialised in – this may be a specific technology class like food or design and list any qualifications you have achieved in extra-curricular activities throughout your time at school. If you are yet to receive your exam results, list the subjects you have studied and note ‘results pending’. You can apply for jobs using this CV and update your CV when you receive all of your exam results.

Work Experience

The work experience section of your CV should be where you list any jobs you have completed including work experience placements or internships. List your experience in chronological order – with the most recent position at the top of the work experience section. List down the company you worked for, your job title and the dates you worked there. Under each job title you should also include a short paragraph on your key responsibilities and your daily role. Within this paragraph you can also mention projects you have worked on or any successes you want a prospective employer to know about. If you haven’t completed much work experience at school and are struggling to fill this section then read our advice article on how to boost your CV job history.


The hobbies section of your CV can demonstrate to an employer what you are like as a candidate and can give them an insight into your personality. It can also help your CV to stand out from the rest of your competition. The hobbies section should include any activity that you do outside of work that you feel is worth mentioning and could add to your CV content. Whether you manage a football team, organise a weekly book club or volunteer for a charity – include it in your CV!

If you are ready to write your CV and need more inspiration then try one of our CV templates.