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How to Write a Career Objective on Your CV

7055487_mHaving a career objective on your CV is vital. Not only does it give you direction when you are writing a CV and applying for jobs, but it gives an employer an insight into you as a candidate and your career expectations.

When writing your CV you should keep in mind your career objective and tailor your responsibilities and achievements to this. Most candidates will include their objective in a statement at the top of their CV so an employer will be able to see it almost immediately. When writing a cover letter you will probably touch on similar points but try and keep it unique.

Here are a few ideas of what to include in your career objective paragraph;

  • Keep it specific. A career objective is supposed to outline your main goals and what you want to achieve and so if you write a vague, confused objective it will not come across as well as it should do. When writing it, think about your goals – where do you see yourself in five years? Where do you want to be? What kind of company do you want to be working for? Ensure you include all of this.
  • Make it clear and concise. Just like a CV or cover letter, employees will only have time to scan through key information so keep the objective brief. A few lines are enough.
  • Relate it to your work experience. If you have a specific career background or work experience you should tie this in with your objective i.e. if you have worked in a customer service role for several years, perhaps your objective is to make it to a customer service management position.
  • Don’t be over ambitious. Setting goals too high can make you feel like you’re an underachiever (e.g. I want to be a Director this time next year). Instead set realistic short term goals and work up to your long term goals in increments.
  • Be true to yourself. There is very little point in writing an objective on your CV that you don’t believe in. Ensure it’s what you want to aim for – don’t just write it because you think it’s what the employer wants to hear.