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How to Stay Organised During a Job Search

12303985_mWhen you are looking for jobs you may find yourself applying for dozens of positions and not really keeping track of your applications. You need to ensure you keep a record of your applications and stay organised in order to achieve the best results. Here are a few tips on how to stay organised during a job search.

Keep a List

Keeping a list of all of the positions you applied for and where you found them is a really effective way of keeping organised. Write down a list and keep it somewhere where you can easily add to it. The list should include company name, job title, location, where you applied, when you applied and any deadlines. By reviewing this you will be able to contact an employer if you haven’t heard back from them and it will ensure you don’t apply for the same position twice!

Organise Your CV

If you are on the job hunt you need to ensure you write a CV and keep it up to date. If you’re not organised and don’t have a current CV you could find yourself missing out on new opportunities.

Update Your Profiles

Having out of date social media profiles can really hinder your chances of finding work. Employers use sites like Facebook and Twitter to engage and promote their brand but it’s also seen as a valuable recruitment platform. If you leave an out of date profile active then an employer landing on your page may not get in contact – especially if you haven’t updated it to say ‘looking for new career opportunities’. All of your social accounts should be current and should tell employers what you want them to know about your professional background.

Have a Routine

Having a routine is a really good way of adding structure and organisation to your job search. Set yourself daily targets, have a specific day to search for jobs offline and exercise regularly/take a break from job hunting to remain motivated.

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