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How to Show Innovation on Your CV

22397195_mWhen writing a CV and applying for a job, you’ll need to think of ways to make your CV stand out from the crowd. Employers receive hundreds of CVs and cover letters for every job they advertise, so competition to secure a vacancy can be tough. One way your CV can stand out from the rest is by demonstrating innovation in your chosen field. It could be an impressive task you have successfully completed or it could be a new process you have implemented. Whatever it is, it is important to show you are innovative when applying for jobs – so how can you show innovation in your CV writing?


One of the easiest ways to demonstrate innovation on your CV is by including examples of previous work and examples of previous successful projects. If you list on your CV that you have ‘good customer service skills’, it’s likely that other candidates have listed the same thing and your CV will not be very attention grabbing. But by drawing on previous work experience and highlighting moments of great customer service and how this affected the company you worked for, you are showing the employer that you are able to put your skills into action and you are able to make a difference.


References are vital when writing a CV. But to make an extra impression why not try including quotes from people you have worked with in the industry? Ask ex-colleagues or employers to give a quote about you as a candidate and consider including this throughout your CV to support any claims you make.

Career Portfolio

A career portfolio can make you stand out from the crowd because it can bring your work experience to life and can really help the employer to visualise what you could bring to their company. Your portfolio should include pictures, statistics and previous work projects and should support your CV content. If you want to create one but don’t know how to, read our advice article on creating a career portfolio.


With more and more businesses using video to promote their products and interact with clients, why not consider creating a video CV to stand out from the crowd? Creating a video CV and posting the link to your social profiles is an effective way to stand out from your competition and may help you to get noticed during a job hunt.