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How to Search for Jobs During a Commute

It’s highly unlikely that, during your job search, you will spend the majority of the day at your computer. Lifestyle choices, appointments and job interviews mean you may be away from your desk for long periods of time and commuting to a destination. But don’t despair; there are still a variety of ways to look for work.

• If you are travelling by train, spend time browsing your Smartphone and access job sites in the go. Bookmark any jobs that look interesting and revisit them when you are at your desk.

• Refresh your CV template. You should check your CV every few days during a job search as you may need to make some changes or add information.

• If you are commuting scan newspapers for information on company news and local vacancies.

• When you are out and about consider taking a copy of your CV into companies you would like to work for. This is a great way of  looking for a job and networking.

• When visiting local shops look at notice boards for new vacancies.

• Be sociable – if you are commuting listen out for work topics and opportunities.