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How to Search for a Job Abroad

7983394_mIf you are looking to develop your career abroad then you need to start your job search fairly early on. It can take months to secure a position abroad so follow these tips to help you gain employment away from home.


Researching the country you want to work in is vital before you apply for a job, send your CV template out and potentially move there. Not only is it crucial to know the employment process there but you should also try to gain information about lifestyle and the local area. Before sending out your application research the employment law and also look into what you need to have to work there. For example, applying for a job before you have the relevant visa could not only affect your chances of employment but it could slow down your relocation plans.

Get an Insight

One of the best things to do if you are looking to work abroad is to get an insight from somebody who has already done it – even if they didn’t work in your chosen area or country. Find out how long it took them to find employment, what changes they had to make to lifestyle, what they found easy, what they found difficult and ask for their advice. This should help you to feel more confident when you are applying for a job abroad. For more information check out our article on finding a job abroad in the Industry Spotlight section where we interviewed Rebekah Scanlan, a Journalist working in Australia. There’s also additional information on working in Australia and throughout Europe on AIEC’s website.


Networking is a great way of meeting industry contacts and you should do this more if you are planning to move abroad. Speaking to people in your chosen industry can not only help you visualise your role but it will also help you to find out about new opportunities.

Browse Jobs

Use job boards in your chosen area to look for employment. It’s also worth contacting a local recruitment company who can look out for opportunities for you. Once you are working abroad you might want to make use of an excellent expatriates network and notice board provided by