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How to Negotiate a Job Offer

17260849_mIf you have attended a job interview and been offered the job you might want to negotiate the offer when you receive it. There could be a number of factors to consider so after you have attended an interview you need to prepare to negotiate and to make a counter offer.

There could be a variety of reasons why you need to negotiate;

  • Salary
  • Working hours
  • Over time
  • Over time rate
  • Job title
  • Progression opportunities
  • The remuneration package

Below are some tips of how to negotiate;

  • Carefully consider all of your options. It is pointless going in with a counter offer and realising you have got the figures wrong! Carefully consider the job offer and ensure your calculations are correct.
  • Write down all of the points and brainstorm what you want to negotiate to keep it concise.
  • Write down some reasons why you want to negotiate so you have a valid point when discussing with the employer.
  • Don’t be over the top! Employers do expect counter offers occasionally and they will usually accept it if they really want you to work for them. However don’t go over the top and exaggerate what you need – be fair.
  • Remain polite and professional at all times.
  • Look at your CV template and remember the key points of why the employer wants to hire you. Consider using these as a negotiation should you see the employer face to face.
  • Draft a letter. Your counter offer is best made in writing as it keeps an official thread of your discussions and it is professional. Address each point the employer has offered and outline your negotiation. Start the letter by thanking them for the offer and ensure you close it politely too to ensure maximum positive impact.