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How to Keep Your CV Up to Date with Technology

18048335_mAlthough many companies still recruit traditionally and ask for you to post or email your CV, many companies and recruitment agencies are now using online application systems. These systems read CVs and whittle them down to those that are most closely matched to the job opening. The majority of companies will no doubt take on this technology in the coming years as it cuts down on the amount of time employers have to look through CVs and is more efficient. So in order to make your CV stand out you now need to consider how computers read your CV and ensure you follow some guidelines. Here are some tips to help your CV perform well online.

Keep it Brief

Computers, like employers, don’t have time to read through pages and pages of text. If an online application system receives a CV that is several pages long they are likely to think it is spam. They will also find it difficult to identify key skills and relevant work experience because there will be too much content to go through. So when writing your CV ensure you keep it to two pages or less.

Key Words

If you are submitting your CV to a job that uses online application systems then you need to ensure you are using the right language in order to get your CV noticed. A computer will pick up on terms and professional language including job titles and responsibilities. Therefore, choose your language carefully. Your CV should be full of content that relates to the industry you want to work in. For your CV to stand out and for you to be invited to a job interview, this is essential.

Simple Layout

While it may be appropriate to include charts and figures in your CV for some vacancies, it’s not a good idea to do this on an online application form. The computer is likely to feel confused and it may hinder your chances of getting through to the interview stage. When submitting your CV ensure the layout is simple and that you only use text.

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