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How to Job Hunt If You’re Not at a Computer

You can’t always be at your desk when searching for jobs. But you can still job hunt and promote your CV even if you are away from the computer. Here are some tips on how to job hunt on the move:

Print Out CV

You should print out copies of your CV template and have them with you at all times. Whether you are attending a networking event or simply heading out to a town centre, you never know when you may get the opportunity to hand out your CV. If you are in a town centre you may also spot job opportunities in shop windows and local companies so it’s crucial that you can apply there and then. Keep your CV on you and ensure it has your contact details clearly listed on it.


Smart phones are used by almost everyone in the country and so employers now make their websites more mobile friendly and usually advertise their latest vacancies online. If you are commuting or can’t be at your desk, you can use your mobile phone to search for jobs. Use any job search apps you have to search for new job openings, use the internet browser to search for specific companies you want to work for and use your social media apps to get networking.

Browse Notice Boards

If you are in a shopping centre or supermarket then it could be worth checking the advertisement boards for any vacancies. Some small local businesses use boards like these to publicise jobs so it’s worth looking at these for any opportunities.

Browse Newspapers

Employers advertise on both a local and national level and one of the main forms of advertising alongside online is print. Check your local newspaper and search the job page to find out about the latest opportunities. There is also a number of HR and recruitment magazines which may offer job leads so if you have the opportunity ensure you note down any contact information.

Talk to Contacts

If you are heading out it’s likely you’ll be talking to people – whether it’s a friend you are meeting or a shop assistant that is serving you. Take this opportunity to find out about any job vacancies or news you might not know of.