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How to Impress at Your Annual Appraisal

23048258_mEvery company will operate an appraisal scheme. Once every six months or once a year you will attend a meeting with your manager to discuss your performance, any issues and your future goals. This is a great opportunity to discuss some things you may have on your mind like how to get a salary increase. But in order to gain a pay rise and impress your boss you’ll need to head into the meeting and stand out as much as possible. You would originally have looked at how to write a CV when you applied for the job and it’s just as important to look at how to impress your manager once you’re in it! Here are a few tips on how to impress in your appraisal.


One of the most important things to do if you are about to attend an appraisal is to prepare. If you turn up to the meeting with nothing to say and haven’t done your research then your boss will probably think you’re not that serious about your career progression and this could hinder your chances of working towards a promotion or pay rise. Ensure you look at your job description and write some points down as to how you have lived up to this role and how you have excelled in it. Highlight some of your key achievements and also highlight how you have worked with your department and team. Writing all of this down will allow you to discuss with your manager your progress and how well you are fulfilling the role.

Dress to Impress

Although your boss sees you around the office every day it is important that you dress to impress during an appraisal. The spotlight will be on you and there will probably be a question about your dress sense. It will certainly face a bit of scrutiny so ensure you dress appropriately!

Have Examples

Your boss probably doesn’t see your day to day work or may not be aware of the impact you have had on the business so now is the time to show them! Print off examples of your work, show statistics and show your projects. It’s one of the only chances you’ll get to show off your work so ensure you prepare for it!

Have Questions

Do you want to clarify any of your work? Do you need to ask for support? Do you want to ask for more responsibility? Whatever it may be, your appraisal is the best time to ask your manager questions so take a copy of anything you want answered and ensure you bring it up during your meeting.

Show Ambition

Whether your aim is to gain a job promotion or to work towards an increase in salary, you need to show your manager that you have long term goals and have ambition within the organisation. Write a plan for the year ahead and tell the employer your goals. Doing this will demonstrate to the employer your passion for the company and will hopefully help when it comes to career progression.