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How to Handle a Stressful Job

15442966_mWhether you have been in your job for a week or you have been in it for a year, most of us will experience stress at work at some point in our career. This could be for a number of reasons – pressure, deadlines, colleagues…

The important thing is to recognise stress early and to control it before it starts to interfere with your work. Here are some tips to help you deal with job stress.

Be Vocal

Whatever is causing you to feel stressed at work, it’s vital that you let your manager know. Keeping your stress bottled up can lead to you feeling unhappy in the workplace and if no one knows you’re unhappy, how can they fix it? Be sure to tell your manager or the HR department your concerns.


If your company doesn’t already have regular meetings in place you should try and organise these. Having regular meetings to discuss your work and career progression can be very beneficial.

Assess Your Job Description

Look back at your CV template and the original job description. Do your current responsibilities match this? If not you may have been taking on too much so ensure you highlight this in your next staff meeting.

Time Out

If you are feeling stressed at work it is vital that you have time out. Ensure you take your full lunch break and interact with your colleagues.