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How to Handle a Difficult Job Interview

8474981_mJob interviews can be tough! If you attend a job interview and find it to be a little bit tougher than you expected, check out these tips to help you get through it.

  • Practice positive body language. Body language in a job interview is vital if you want to make a good impression. Using positive body language can demonstrate to the employer that you are interested in the role, approachable and that you can build good rapport. If the interviewer begins to ask you difficult job interview questions, use positive body language to help you express your answers. Avoid crossing your arms, turning away from the interviewer or frowning. Instead sit facing the employer, keep your facial expressions neutral and smile.
  • Use pauses to show your interest. Difficult questions are designed to make you think and to test your knowledge of the industry. Therefore don’t rush into an answer. Don’t be afraid to pause occasionally and take your time as this will demonstrate to the employer that you are in control and thinking about their questions.
  • Be complimentary. Flattery is a great tool to use in an interview especially if you are finding it hard! Compliment the employer on their offices, company performance or staff culture to gain extra points.
  • Show your research. Research before an interview is essential and this can really help during difficult job interviews. Use your knowledge of the company and the role to ensure the employer knows that you are keen to work for them and have done your homework.
  • Ask questions. One great way of conquering a difficult job interview is by asking the employer questions. This will allow you to deflect attention away from yourself for a few moments and could also help you to think of extra content. Ask the employer about the job, career progression and about the company culture to show your interest.
  • Thank the interviewer. Thanking the interview both during the interview and at the end of the interview will leave them with a positive impression!