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How to Get Recruiters to Notice You Online

12953422_mRecruitment companies regularly use the internet to find candidates. Whether it’s browsing social media sites, job sites or forums – recruiters are constantly scouting the web for possible candidates. And with many recruiters having access to exclusive vacancies, you should want to get your profile in front of them as it will increase your chances of finding employment. Here are some tips on how to get noticed online.

Create a Profile

The first thing you need to do is to create a profile on relevant platforms. Whether it’s Linked In or Twitter, you should create an online bio and include a picture. Use your biography to explain in more detail your professional background and skills and ensure you use a clear photo.

Online Portfolio

To add extra weight to your online profile you should consider setting up a blog or online portfolio. This can act like an online CV template as you can blog about your work experience, news, projects completed and even showcase your work. Link this to your online profile and recruiters can click through to it if they want to know more about you as a candidate.

Follow People

To get noticed by recruiters they need to know you are there. Following their company page and news updates will alert them to your presence and it will also enable you to find out about new opportunities and vacancies they are advertising.

Have a Presence

To get the attention of recruiters and industry contacts you need to have a voice. Comment on industry topics, get involved in news and reply to recruiter and company comments.


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is employed by companies to improve their brand awareness and Google ranking. But candidates can also use it to attract employers. By using industry keywords on your online profile, blog and portfolio you should be able to raise your online presence. Use an optimised headline to stand out too – for example, if you want to work in Customer Service, use ‘Customer Service Representative’.