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How to Get Recognised at Work

21894595_mBeing recognised for your expertise and achievements can be very rewarding and can help when it comes to career progression and gaining a job promotion. So how do you get noticed at work? And how do you make it to the top of your profession? Here are some tips on how to stand out in the workplace:

Put In Hard Work

One of the best ways to get recognised at work is by putting in hard work! You don’t need to stay late every night, but staying late occasionally and taking on extra work can help you to get your skills and work in the spotlight. Asking for extra responsibilities and having a genuine desire for what you do will show your employer that you genuinely want to progress within the company and that you want to work towards a promotion.

Be Innovative

Innovation can really help you to stand out from the crowd. Think of ways you can improve your position, think of ways the company can improve what they do and try to b creative. Employers are often looking for senior members of staff that can drive the company’s vision forward so if you can demonstrate this, you’ll have more chance of standing out.

Be Approachable

You need to be approachable at work in order to gain recognition and a possible job promotion. If you do want to work towards promotion it’s likely the position you’ll be working towards will involve some sort of management. In order to get recognised as a good manager you need to show that you are approachable and are good at problem solving. Ensure you let your colleagues know that you can help out with other projects and that you can offer extra support if they need it.

Build Rapport

Employers will usually only promote someone if they fit in well with the company culture and team. In order to get noticed by your employer you need to build rapport with both them and the staff. Ensure you get involved at company events and social meetings and work hard on building your professional relationships.