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How to Get Noticed at Work

15645396_mIf you have been in your job for a while you will probably be looking for a way to stand out and to secure career progression. Follow these tips to help you stand out at work and to work towards a promotion.

Ask for Meetings

In order to stand out at work and progress you need to know what projects you need to work on, what skills you need to develop and what opportunities are available. The way to find this out is by having regular meetings with your manager. Ensure you stay up to date with company developments in order to make suggestions and to come up with ideas to push the company forward. Ask your manager to meet with you regularly, network with your colleagues and speak to industry contacts.

Work With Multiple Departments

One way of standing out at work is by taking on extra work including work from different departments. Helping different departments will show that you are dedicated to the company and it will also help you to learn new skills. Before you take on this work be sure to run it past your manager.

Extra Effort

Extra effort is essential if you are looking to boost your profile at work. You need to exceed your daily responsibilities to work towards a promotion.

Be Sociable

If you stick to going to work and leaving without interacting with your colleagues then you are likely to be left out of important work conversations. To keep up to date with company news you need to interact regularly and be sociable.

Become an Expert

Take on extra work, attend networking events, talk to industry contacts or study a qualification. These are all things you can do alongside your job to enhance your skills and expertise. If you take the time and effort to do that it will ultimately lead to career progression.