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How to Find a Job You Love

23208561_lThe saying ‘find a job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life’ is true for many people who enjoy their work. If you enjoy going to work, like interacting with your work colleagues and are really passionate about your job then you’ll probably never feel negative about going to spend a day in the office. Although finding a job that you love everyday is quite rare, it can be fairly easy if you know exactly what you are looking for. So take a look at these tips to help you define your dream job and start updating your CV!

Think About What You Want

In order to find a job you love you need to realise what it is you love doing and what you enjoy most at work. Perhaps it’s a hobby you want to turn into a job, perhaps it’s a specific industry you want to work in or it could be that you want to work towards a management position. Whatever it is, you need to define what you want your next job to be. Take time out to think about your past work experience and decide what jobs you enjoyed the most and start to filter your job search.


After you have decided what career path you want to follow and the type of role you want to apply for you should start doing some research on companies and job opportunities available. Find out what companies you would like to work for and start following them on social media sites to keep up to date with company news and opportunities. You should also research what kind of experience and qualifications you need to apply for some of these positions. Start following recruitment companies that specialise in the area you are interested in and get to know your desired industry.

Update Your CV

You now need to update your CV template to reflect your relevant key skills, experience and qualifications before you send it out to employers. You should personalise your CV and cover letter every time you apply for a job too as this will make your application more relevant. Employers receive hundreds of job applications every day so to make yours stand out you should personalise it, highlight the skills you have that could help you succeed in the role and tell the employer why you want to work for them!

Get Networking

Networking is crucial if you’re looking for your dream job. Attending networking events will help you to meet industry contacts and will raise your industry profile. Following relevant organisations on social media sites and having a voice online will also help to raise your profile and could lead to more work opportunities.

Don’t Give Up

Perseverance is key to finding a job you love. The job market is very competitive and it may take you years to find a position that you really love and a company you want to progress with. Keep gaining work experience and improving your CV and skills. Keep your goals in mind and don’t give up.