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How to Find a Job on Twitter

NokiaLumiaSmartphoneTwitter is one of the most popular social networking sites for jobseekers (alongside LinkedIn). As more and more companies take to the internet to voice their opinions, news and job vacancies, social media sites have become a great way to connect with potential employers and to find out about new opportunities. So if you are trying to find work through Twitter take a look at our checklist to help you find employment.

Set Up Profile

To start networking with employers and experts within your chosen industry you need to set up a Twitter profile. Your profile should consist of a profile picture, a short biography and any links to websites or blogs you think an employer may be interested to see. Ensure you include a professional photo and that you use keywords from your chosen industry and your job title in your biography. This will make your profile easier to find for employers.

Follow Companies

You now need to start following companies that you are interested in working for and companies you want to know more about. Use the search box within Twitter to search for specific companies and, once on their profile page, hit the follow button. This will mean that whenever you log in to Twitter the company’s updates will be in your newsfeed so you never miss any of their news and can keep up to date with all of the latest job opportunities.

Follow Recruiters

Next you should consider following recruitment companies that specialise in your field of work. Do some research on the internet to find some of the market leaders and start following their feeds on Twitter. Most recruitment companies update their Twitter as soon as a position becomes available so by following them you are making sure you get to the job first. If you have already sent your CV into a recruitment company you should follow them on Twitter too.

Search Keywords

Searching keywords within Twitter can lead to lots of opportunities. Companies and individuals on Twitter can use keywords in their updates to reach a wider audience. A keyword could be anything – an industry, a job title and salary are all types of keywords. Using the search box on Twitter you can search for keywords that you want to find and you’ll automatically be directed to relevant people. So, for example, if you are looking for a job you can use words like ‘jobs’ ‘careers’ ‘looking for a job’ ‘job opportunity’ to target statuses of interest. From here you can follow, comment on and apply for jobs directly.

Use Hashtags

Companies use keywords to update their company status but you can too. You can use Twitter to update your job hunt status and to attract employers. Using the hashtag (#) you can list keywords that you think may help your job search. Use words that are relevant including your industry, skills, job title and job search status. This means that if an employer is searching these keywords you will come up in their news feed so hashtags make your profile more visible.


Twitter is only really useful if you interact with potential employers. If you don’t have a voice on social media then it’s unlikely you’ll be noticed. To ensure employers know your expertise comment on industry news, tag employers in updates and create conversation.