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How to Find a High Salary Job

18020892_mWhen you are looking for a job you are probably looking for a well paid position as well as something you enjoy. Not all positions will have salary brackets so how do you know which ones are well paid?

The first thing to realise before you look for a position like this is that you need both experience and expertise in a field to command a higher salary. If this isn’t you yet then  consider volunteering or gaining more work experience because this will help to boost your CV template and will help you to negotiate salary in the future. Also it is crucial to realise that although well paid jobs are a bonus, job happiness and security is essential in order to have longevity. So take all of this into consideration before you start your job search.
Here are a few tips below which might help you find a well paid position;

  • Networking. Networking within your chosen area is a great way of finding out about new positions and the more people you network with the more likely you are to find out about insider knowledge i.e. salary
  • Research. Do your research and you will have a better chance of finding about well paid positions. By looking at different companies and their structure you should be able to get a vague idea of the sort of salaries they offer. Likewise do your industry research – most industries will have a standard starting wage so, depending on how experienced you are, you can rank yourself against this.
  • Look out for commission. Most sales and marketing jobs will have commission and bonus packages. Most employers will keep this vague but if there is a mention of this on the advertisement then you know there is an opportunity to earn extra.