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How to Film a Video CV

video cvMany companies and jobseekers now use video – companies use video to promote their products and services and candidates are using it more and more to promote their CV and skills. With a large number of outlets to publicise your video CV on – social media, blogs and You Tube – here is our complete guide to filming a video CV and some tips on how to make it stand out.

What You Need

To film a video CV you don’t need expensive equipment. You could film it using your own video camera or your smart phone depending on the quality. You should test footage first by filming some short clips and uploading them to your computer to see what the picture and sound quality is like. Although it doesn’t need to be professional standard you still need to be able to see a clear and precise picture and the sound needs to be audible. You should also consider investing in a tripod to secure your video camera and to ensure the picture doesn’t look unstable.

Where to Film

Picking a location can be tough. You need somewhere that has good natural lighting, has a relatively simple backdrop and is quiet. Try picking a quiet room in your house and ensure you position yourself in front of a clear background. You can also include props in the scene, like a plant, to brighten up the background and to make it more interesting. If you are considering filming outside then you need to have an external microphone for your video camera so wind and background noise doesn’t interrupt the presentation.

What to Wear

If you are filming a video CV to host online or to send directly to an employer then you should dress as if you are attending a job interview. This will be the employer’s first impression of you so you should dress smart. Although you’ll probably only see the top half of you during the video, an employer will be watching intently so every detail should be addressed.

What to Say

When you film a video CV you should treat it as if you are writing a CV. You should keep it concise – no more than two minutes long. You should introduce it with your personal statement and career objective. Talk about your work experience and keep it relevant to what you want to do and to what jobs you are applying for. You should also highlight your key skills and what makes you stand out from the crowd.

Make it Interesting

As it’s a video CV you should try and make it visually interesting by including clips of your career portfolio, images of previous work or video clips that show you at work during a typical day. Showing a variety of images will help to keep the viewer interested and will also demonstrate your expertise.

Once this is all done and you have edited your video you’re now ready to upload it online or send it to an employer. You can publicise your video CV in a variety of ways. You can upload it to sites like Vimeo and use the link or you can create your own You Tube channel and direct employers there. You can even include links to your video CV on your social media profiles including Linked In. Just like your regular CV you should revisit your video CV to update it so it’s always current.