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How to Develop Your Career

18472202_mAt some point you will no doubt want to progress your career, develop your skills and boost your expertise in your chosen industry. Follow these tips below to help with your career progression and to help you get to the top of your game.


Networking internally is an effective way of getting yourself noticed in the workplace. Ensure you spend time talking to key members of staff who may be valuable contacts for future promotion and try to get involved in team meetings to have your voice heard.

Show You Are Dedicated

Showing you are dedicated to both the role and the organisation will help you get noticed for a job promotion. Employers often look for employees that will have a long career within the organisation. Employers also want to see you are passionate about the role and can add valuable ideas.

Don’t Be Afraid of Simple Work

You could be highly qualified but sometimes you may have to take a step back in a company to make an impact and to progress. For instance, careers in Journalism and Events require a lot of hard work at the bottom level in order to work your way up. So don’t be afraid of working in junior positions and ensure you remain focused.

Keep Your CV Ready

One of the key things is to ensure CV templates are kept up to date and current. You never know when the next position may come up so you need to be prepared to send out your application quickly.