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How to Build the Perfect CV

build the perfect cvIf you are in the midst of re-writing your CV, check out our tips on how to create the perfect CV…


Before you begin writing your CV you need to plan out the structure and what you want to include. CV content is obviously crucial to helping you get to the job interview stage and if you don’t plan, you could end up waffling throughout your CV. Take time to structure your CV content including what information you would like to include and what order you plan to include it in. Having this in front of you whilst you write your CV will make it a lot easier and your CV writing will be much more efficient.


Now you need to build the foundations of your CV by writing about your work experience, qualifications and key skills. If you look at CV samples you will see what kind of information should and shouldn’t be on your CV. Take a look at the job description you are applying for and try to tailor your CV content to it. Pick out the work experience you feel would be beneficial for this role, mention the qualifications you have that the employer has asked for in a candidate, personalise your personal statement by reading the company website and highlight the key skills you have picked up along the way that you feel the employer would want to know about. Doing all of this will give your job application a solid foundation and should make your CV relevant and interesting to read for the employer. It should also hopefully increase your job interview chances!


When you are writing your CV you need to adapt the style to fit the job and the industry you are applying to. If you are planning on building the perfect CV, then you will need to revisit it time and time again to adjust the style and content to fit the role you are applying for. For every job you apply understand what the employer is looking for by reading the job description, application requirements and the company’s website. You can then style your CV accordingly and make it exciting to read.


Once you have included all of the relevant work experience and skills you should look at decorating your CV and making it stand out from other candidates applying for the job. One way to make your CV stand out is by using a bespoke CV template. You can lay your CV content out in chronological order and make the colour, design and layout unique. You could also use graphics or include a photo on your CV to make it different.

To make your CV today and to choose a CV template use our online CV tool.