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How to Boost Your Employment Chances

CVCraivoldTabletVerandaLRChancellor George Osborne has announced new plans that will see people in long-term unemployment ‘work for the dole’. The plans suggest that people unemployed for over three years and claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance will be required to complete community work such as litter picking. The new scheme is thought to encourage people back to work and to help people build new skills for the workplace. Work experience, charity work and community work can certainly boost key skills and can help you to expand your CV. If you are currently unemployed and looking for ways to boost your employment chances check out these tips.

Update Your CV

If you are job hunting it is crucial that you keep your CV up to date and relevant. You should revisit your CV for at least an hour a week to check it for grammatical mistakes, to update the content and to personalise it to jobs you are applying to. Keeping your CV up to date with your most recent work and personalising it to suit a company you are applying to will boost your job interview chances. You should also look at CV templates to help you design and layout your CV. Employers receive lots of applications for employment so by making your CV design look different you are more likely to grab the employer’s attention.

Gain Work Experience

If you have been unemployed for a while then it can be difficult to gain full time employment but one way you can gain experience is by applying for work experience placements or internships. Many companies offer placements to candidates that are looking to find out more about a specific industry or to candidates who are studying a topic. Whatever your situation, you can prepare your CV and cover letter and approach potential employers to find out about work experience opportunities. Most of these placements are unpaid or cover travel expenses however, if you make an impression, they could lead to employment.


Volunteering is not only great for your CV but it can be great for your confidence. If you have been out of work for a while then you may find that your confidence is lacking as you haven’t been in a work environment. Volunteering and working for a charity can help you get back into the workplace and to meet new people and can really boost your confidence when applying for jobs. Charity work can also improve your CV and your key skills. There are a variety of volunteering opportunities – from office work to outdoor projects – so there’s something for everyone.

If you are currently looking for employment and need to update your CV try our online CV tool to help you create a bespoke template.