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How to Boost Job Search Confidence

20432140_mIf you have been looking for a job for a long time and have not been successful it can make you feel disheartened. But some employers can take weeks to reply to applications and with the number of candidates competing for positions continuing to increase; it can take a while for an interviewer to choose a candidate and invite them to an interview. It’s vital that during your job search you stay confident to maximise your chances of finding employment as a confident application will stand out from the crowd.

Contact Recruiters

To boost your success rates why not consider contacting a recruitment company. Recruiters spend time searching for relevant jobs and contacting employers to find out about new opportunities. Recruiters are experts in their field and it’s their job to place you in relevant roles therefore it’s a good idea to send your CV to a recruiter at the start of your job search. Contacting a recruiter throughout the job hunting process can also help you to build your job search confidence. They can offer you tips and advice on your CV, let you know about new opportunities and offer job interview feedback.

Speak to Contacts

Speaking to industry contacts can help to boost your confidence as often contacts can help you with networking and finding out about new opportunities. They may also be able to relate to you and share similar job search stories. If you have applied for a job but not had any feedback, have had trouble writing a personalised cover letter or are running out of places to look for work – your contacts may be able to share their experience and offer you fresh advice.

CV Templates

Looking at CV templates can help you to create a unique CV and bespoke job application – which can help to increase your confidence. Many employers receive the same CV from multiple candidates and by making yours stand out from your competition you can increase your chances of gaining a job. Use CV templates to structure your CV, include relevant content, highlight your key skills and lay your CV out professionally in order to stand out from the competition.

Take Regular Breaks

It is tempting to sit at your desk all day during a job search as it may make you feel like you are being productive. But in order to maintain confidence and motivation it’s crucial that you take regular breaks. Whether it’s stepping away for a coffee or socialising with friends on your lunch break, regular breaks away from your computer screen can be beneficial.

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