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How to be More Assertive at Work

21693043_mA new report has suggested that working women apologise too much for incidents in the workplace compared to men.

The new report, by the Chartered Management Institute, suggests that women apologise too frequently for incidents at work including being late to the office and turning up late to a meeting. The report reveals that some women, known as ‘sorry skirts’, apologise and go into too much detail to explain their situation which could be damaging their career prospects. It also suggests that women do not voice their successes at work as much as men do. If you think you could be a ‘sorry skirt’ at work and want to be more assertive here are some tips!

Manage Time

To ensure you don’t find yourself needing to apologise for being late, plan a weekly time management rota to help you feel more organised. At the start of every week write a to-do-list for each day. Note down crucial tasks to complete and order them at the top of your day. Then fill out the rest of the to-do-list with other tasks that you need to complete. Pin this to your desk and tick off each task once you have completed it. Not only will this help you to feel organised, but it will make you feel more assertive at work. Seeing exactly what tasks you have completed and how much work you have achieved will give you a great sense of motivation. You can add tasks as the week progresses and update it with any new projects. This will help you to manage your time more effectively and should mean you aren’t left in a position where you feel you need to apologise.

Build a Career Portfolio

Building a career portfolio will help to boost your confidence at work. Print out copies of any tasks you have completed which you feel are worth sharing, print out any pictures of events or projects you have been involved with and keep a list of statistics you have achieved. Build all of these into your own career portfolio. This will really help you to highlight your key skills and will be very valuable when you attend appraisal meetings. Your employer will be able to see clearly what impact you have been having on the company and it should help your career progression opportunities. It’s also important to keep a record of your successes at work for any future job interviews.

Arrange Meetings

If you find it difficult to voice your opinions and to tell people about your work then try to arrange a one-on-one meeting with your manager. Arranging a meeting with your manager will enable you to tell them about your work achievements, without the pressure of having to voice your opinions in front of colleagues. You should also note down anything that you are concerned about at work or any projects you need clarification on as this will help you to be more assertive in your job and could lead to future career progression.