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How to Assess a Job Promotion Offer

15037597_mIf you have been offered a job promotion at work you could be feeling ecstatic. But if you’re not fully sure that you want the promotion or career progression within the organisation then you could be feeling quite confused. Check out these tips to help you assess the promotion offer and work out whether it is the right move for you.

Assess Requirements

You need to look at the requirements of this new position very carefully. How will it affect your lifestyle? Are there lots of extra hours? Is there a lot of travel? Will you need to relocate for the position? What’s the next step after you have been in this role? Weighing up the pros and cons of the requirements of the job will help you to decide whether to put your CV forward or to decline the offer.

Job Role

Knowing the job role and responsibilities inside out is a must before you accept promotion. It’s an obvious compliment if your boss seeks you out for a job promotion but you need to ensure it’s a job that you will both enjoy and excel at. So ensure you ask for the job description and details of any projects or targets you need to hit and spend time assessing these against your own skills and work experience.

Future Career Progression

By looking at your own career aspirations you will be able to decide whether this is the right career step for you. Is this role related to what you want to do? Do you want a future in the organisation? Can you make a difference? Asking these questions will help you to decide your next career move.

Whatever the outcome you should sit down with your boss and discuss the promotion extensively.