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How to Achieve Your Goals at Work

20554604_mWhether it’s aiming for a pay rise or working towards a new position, here are some tips to help you achieve your goals at work!

Set Goals

If you are working towards achieving a specific goal at work the first thing you should do is thoroughly assess the goal you are aiming for. There are a number of things you can aim for at work – a pay rise, a new job role, more responsibility, management, projects…the list is endless. To help you achieve your goal assess what you want to achieve and write it down on a post-it note and keep it somewhere visible – so you always have your end post in sight.

Make a Plan

To keep on track with your goal setting you should consider making a plan and keeping this on your desk so you can refer to it. Plan your goals month by month and give yourself specific tasks to achieve and once completed tick them off of your list and move on to the next. Depending on what your goal is, this should help you to keep on target.

Set a Date

Having a date in mind of when you want to achieve your goals will help you to keep motivated and keep focus. Give yourself a deadline to meet your goal by and try to stick to it.

Progress Reports

Checking in with your goals and achievements regularly is a great way to keep motivated and to keep on track. Set up weekly progress reports and at the end of every working week assess your progress, how far away you are from achieving your goal and make a plan for the following week and include revised targets to hit. Create a to-do-list so that when you are back in the office on Monday morning you feel organised and are able to keep progressing with your plan. This will really help you to stay motivated and will also help you to hit your goal quickly.

Speak to Your Manager

Depending on what your goal is, you may want to arrange regular meetings with your manager to assess your goals and to ensure they know your achievements. If you are working towards a pay rise, promotion or management level then it’s a good idea to keep your manager up to date. Not only will this make them aware of your hard work but it also gives you the opportunity to ask them if there is anything more you should be doing.