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Highlighting Your Unique Selling Points on Your CV

9553423_mWhen you are writing a CV it is crucial to include your unique selling points. These are the points, skills and achievements that make you different from other candidates and can, ultimately, help you to secure a job.

Examine Your Skills

The first thing to do is to sit down and examine your skills and expertise. They may be similar skills to other candidates but the most important thing is to define how your skills are different and how they can benefit the organisation. Write down a list of skills and try to think outside of the box – look back at previous positions you have been in and how your skills benefitted the role and try to convey this in your CV template.

Show Your Benefit

Employers are looking for solutions to problems – that’s essentially why they are hiring someone! So you need to show them how you are going to be their solution. The best way of doing this is highlighting key skills they are looking for and demonstrating how you have used these skills in the past and making them relevant to the job role and organisation.


Employers want to know numbers. Whether it’s how much money you can make them, how much coverage you can get them or how many clients you can bring to the company. Look back at your work history and highlight any figures you think can demonstrate your success and make sure you include it in the cover letter.

Career Portfolio

Your unique selling point is you. And your career portfolio is a great way of showing an employer your work, personality and experience – and no one else will have the same portfolio so it does set you apart from the rest! Consider taking this along to your job interview to impress!