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Group Job Interviews

13462139_mThere are so many different stages of job interview to prepare for that it can be a little daunting. If you reach the group interview stage of any position you apply for it is because you are very close to being considered for the role. Many employers will conduct telephone interviews initially followed by one to one meetings and, finally, group interviews. The group interview is a chance for senior members of the company to collaborate on your application and ask you a variety of questions.




Who Usually Sits in on a Group Interview?

This varies depending on the job position and the company’s structure but it is usually:

  • Potential Department Manager
  • Director or MD
  • HR Manager

What are you likely to be asked?

You need to think about the industry and job role as this will really affect what your interviewers may ask you. Think about why each person is in the interview and what they want to gain from it:

  • Potential Department Manager – needs to know what skills you will bring to the team. This person will want to establish what you are like in an every day working role. They will also want to know whether you are a team player, what your relevant experience is and whether you will need much training.
  • Director or MD – they will want to know what you will bring to the company overall. They will also want to ensure you will represent the company in a positive manner and depending on the job role they may be looking for signs of a leadership spirit or an entrepreneurial flair.
  • HR Manager – likely to scrutinise your professional CV to find out why you have left previous positions. The HR Manager will want to know what sort of hours you want to work, what motivates you at work, what salary you are looking for and what kind of progression you are looking for. They will also run through company policies such as breaks and holiday entitlement.

How should you prepare for a group interview?

Writing a professional looking CV and cover letter and bringing several copies to the interview stage is a good idea. Although group interviews can be a little nerve wracking, you should be proud of how far you have come in the interview process. To prepare spend some time thinking about what each person is likely to ask and how best to answer it. During the interview don’t be nervous. Maintain eye contact with everyone and answer each person individually at a good pace. Don’t be afraid to pause before you answer and ensure what you say is in line with your CV. After the interview thank them all for their time and clarify who you should contact to follow up the interview – it will most likely be the HR Manager.

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