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Getting Your CV Fit for Summer

Getting Your CV Fit for SummerAs the warmer weather approaches it’s time to start getting your CV into shape. Here are some tips to help you tone up your CV and to get it fighting fit for the summer!

Trim Down Your CV Length

One of the main reasons an employer will ignore a CV is length. On average an employer will look at a CV for up to 30 seconds before deciding whether to continue reading it and if your CV is too long well, it’s unlikely the employer will make it to the end! Employers can receive hundreds of CVs for every job advert they post so they need to be able to get to the relevant content quickly. So to ensure your CV is in top shape this summer consider trimming down the length to make it leaner. When you are CV writing try to keep it to two pages or less.

Firm Up Your Work Experience

The work experience section is such a vital part of a CV. It lets an employer know what kind of experience you have, what responsibilities you have had and what skills you have used in previous positions. If an employer can’t automatically see that you have relevant work experience and have worked in similar job roles then it’s unlikely you’ll be invited to a job interview. Look at your work experience and assess whether it demonstrates that you have the right skills to do the job you are applying to. If not then it could be time to strengthen up your work experience section and add more weight to it. You could do this by working in an internship or volunteering in your chosen sector to boost your experience.

Shed Excess Information

It’s good practice to look through your CV and edit it every time you apply for a job role. When receiving your CV an employer will want to get to the relevant information as quickly as possible – they simply need to hear about your relevant experience and skills and what makes you the right person for the job. So if you have lots of information on your CV that you feel isn’t relevant or won’t add to your job interview chances then delete it.

And remember, applying for jobs can be a marathon not a sprint! Some job roles may require weeks of waiting and multiple job interview stages so be persistent and get the job you want this summer!