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Freelance Job Search Tips

20053825_mFreelance work can be great for your CV template. It can enhance your experience, improve your career history and open up new contacts.

But if you are searching for freelance work there are a few things you should remember to increase your chances of finding employment:

  • Ensure you look online, in the local paper and on job boards – most companies will use a variety of advertising sources to find freelance workers.
  •  Network. This is crucial for finding freelance work as most opportunities will come from meeting people at events and giving out your business card. Why not try hosting your own networking event to meet people in your industry?
  • Don’t lose contact with your ex employers – sometimes an old employer might be able to offer you ad-hoc work.
  • Use social networks to network and speak to other freelancers
  • Create a career portfolio and host it online if possible – this will really help employers to visualise the impact that you can have on their business.