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Following Up an Unsuccessful Job Interview

20106831_m (1)If you have attended a job interview and been informed you didn’t get the job, it’s easy to move straight onto the next opportunity. But you should take this time to thank the employer for their time, even though you didn’t get the position.

There are huge benefits of writing a thank you note after an unsuccessful job interview. They include;

  • Leaving a positive impression on the employer
  • Re-iterating your interest in the company
  • Re-iterating your CV template, name and skills – which means if anything else comes up within the company you could get a call
  • It demonstrates that you are professional
  • It shows you are not bitter
  • Occasionally it could even lead to another job opportunity. If another position opens up immediately after your interview and your letter lands on the employer’s desk – who do you think they will contact about the job?

What to Include

These are very different to interview follow up letters as you already know that you haven’t got the job. The most crucial thing you should demonstrate is that you are thankful for their time and that you are interested in any future opportunities. Here are some ideas of what to include;

  • Thank them for their time and ask for interview feedback if appropriate
  • Outline that although you didn’t get the job you are grateful for the interview experience
  • Highlight your skills and CV briefly so they remember them!
  • Let them know that if anything else comes up then you would be interested in applying
  • Finish the letter re-iterating why you would want to work for their company