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Five Words to Use During a Job Interview

19024565_lJob interview language is crucial so we’ve focused on some must-use words to help you succeed during an interview.


Your CV should already tell an employer that you are ambitious but reinforcing this during a job interview is a great way of showing your drive and dedication. Ambition is a trait that all employers are looking for, regardless of the job you are going for. An employer will want to know that you won’t get bored in the position. Showing that you have ambition will demonstrate that you will make the role your own, excel in your responsibilities and potentially work your way up through the company.


Creativity will demonstrate to an employer that you think outside of the box. The current economical climate is competitive and companies are always looking for ways to stand out from their competitors. Creativity is a very desirable attribute as it will demonstrate that you can come up with new policies, ideas and strategies to push the company forward. Don’t just say it either – take your career portfolio and show the employer some past achievements.


This is quite an obvious characteristic to portray in a job interview but it’s one that is definitely looked for by employers. An employer wants to know that the person they are hiring will want to do the job, excel in the job and will be at the company for a long time.


Throughout an interview you should try to avoid negative words like ‘can’t’ or ‘won’t’ and instead opt for more positive words like ‘can’ and ‘will’. These words can be applied to a lot of job interview questions i.e. Can you work late every so often? There is a lot of responsibility in this role, can you handle that? What about travel – are you willing to travel occasionally? Don’t lie in the interview – if you really can’t travel then admit it. But using positive words throughout the interview will leave a positive impact and should hopefully lead to a second interview.


If you are not passionate about the job and the industry then the employer is likely to question your integrity. Ensure you display passion for what you do, either via your interview answers or previous examples of work, as this will impress the employer and could help you secure the job.