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Five Ways to Improve Your CV Writing

cvOne way of boosting your job interview chances is by improving your CV writing. Your CV is the first impression an employer will have of you so it needs to make an impact if you want to secure an interview. Good CV writing can help you to gain job interviews but it can also help with your job search confidence. Here are some tips on how to improve your CV writing.


Practice makes perfect! Practice your CV writing to help you keep the content fresh and the style different. Employers will be sent hundreds of CVs for any one job opening so it’s vital that yours stands out and grabs their attention. Practicing writing a CV, what content to include and how to lay it out will help you to make your application different from your competition.


Networking can help you to improve your CV writing as it allows you to meet similar people in your industry. Speaking to industry contacts can help you to discover work experience tips and industry knowledge – all things you can include in your CV. If you are considering attending a networking event ensure that you talk to people there and hand out your contact details – networking is only beneficial if you make the effort!

CV Samples

Looking at CV samples from your industry can help you to think of more creative content and designs. Looking at samples can help you to gain ideas on images, CV content and layout so ensure you look at other examples before you start writing yours.

Work Experience

Gaining relevant work experience can be a great way of boosting your CV content. Not only does it give you more variety to write about, but it also allows you to learn key skills and knowledge in your chosen industry. Consider contacting local companies or charities that are relevant to the work you want to do and try to gain work experience or an internship. Working for a week or two will help you to meet contacts but it will also provide valuable experience and content for your CV when it comes to applying for a job.

Personalise It

Employers receive lots of CVs and job applications every week and one of the ways to make your writing stand out is to personalise your application. Don’t simply update your CV and write a generalised cover letter and send it out to multiple employers. Take the time to personally address the employer, reference some of the responsibilities of the job in your cover letter and personalise your CV writing and demonstrate your relevant experience. All of this will make the employer feel like you have put a lot of effort into the application, will help them to visualise the impact you could have on their organisation and it will hopefully lead to a job interview.