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Five Ways to Boost Your Salary

16828175_mWhen it comes to career progression one of the most rewarding things is being taken aside by your boss and being told you are getting a pay rise. Yippee! But this doesn’t happen overnight. There are quite a few things to action first to ensure you’re on the radar for a pay increase.

Take on Extra Projects

By taking on extra projects you are showing your boss that you not only have a passion for the company, but a passion to increase your own career portfolio. You don’t need to take on lots of extra projects and stay late at work every night. Instead think of small things you can do that may make a difference. Perhaps it’s helping a colleague finish a project or perhaps it’s volunteering to do a job not many people want to do. Either way this will help you stand out.

Be Innovative

Innovation is a great way of being recognised in the work place. Thinking of new ideas to push the company forward or new processes to boost staff morale demonstrates that you want longevity within the organisation and that you have the company’s best interests at heart.

Build Rapport

Rapport building is essential if you want to progress and gain a pay rise at work. A pay rise usually comes after you have been promoted and one way of working towards this is by building rapport with team members and senior members of staff. An employer will need to see that other staff members respect your opinion and that you can motivate people in order to put you in a more managerial position.

Show Dedication

Dedication is perhaps the most important quality when working in a role. Whether it is dedication to the company, the job role or your long-term career – showing commitment will impress your boss and get you noticed.

Improve Skills

You will usually be rewarded with a pay rise when you have been promoted, pioneered a project or achieved results for the company. And inevitably you will improve your skills along the way. So whether it’s adding extra qualifications to your CV or staying behind at work to improve your every day skills, work hard to improve your work and it will be rewarded.