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Five Things You Should Know About Your CV

7263728_mWe all know that writing a strong and eye-catching CV and cover letter will no doubt help you in your quest for employment; however a lot of people place too much emphasis on this and forget the basics of what a CV is actually for. It is supposed to enhance your skills, support your application and highlight your achievements. It is not designed to solely secure you a job. In this Jobulo article we cover five things you should keep in mind when writing your professional curriculum vitae.




Your CV Will Not Secure You a Job

Many people believe writing a professional looking CV is all it requires to secure employment. This is simply not true. While we place importance on making this process perfect, it is crucial you prepare yourself for an interview and for the opportunity to impress your prospective employer. Your CV acts as the ‘bait’, drawing an employer in. But it’s up to you to wow them and secure the role during the interview stages.

Your CV Should Not Be Very Long

If you find yourself writing pages and pages you might begin to feel a little smug. After all, if your career experience goes on and on it means you must be the perfect employee, right? Not always. An employer will often look for skills (precision, strategy, decisiveness) that can be shown on your CV. If you can get it to fewer than two pages it displays your precision and it also doesn’t give too much away, after all quality content is more important than the quantity of it. You need to ensure you have plenty to talk about at interview and your CV should really act as reference points for further discussion.

Don’t Make It All About You

A hobbies or interests section can be very important. It shows a bit of your personality! But don’t write too much – ensure you are mainly concentrating on your skills and experience as this is what an employer will really be looking for.

You Need To Describe!

Simply writing a job title and description isn’t enough. An employer won’t always know what a job title means and if they do their perception of the job may be very different from the role you carried out. When writing details of your past employment, ensure you describe what responsibilities it carried and any of your key achievements.

Practice Makes Perfect

Quite often you will have to change your CV depending on the type of job you’re applying for. So if you make a mistake or you are not fully satisfied with it, you can always go back and make alterations! Our CV templates are an effective way of ensuring you always keep your CV fresh – why not use a new template every couple of months?

If you’d like help creating a new professionally templated CV how about using our online CV building service? It takes you through creating a curriculum vitae step-by-step and you can choose from a wide range of eye-catching graphic designs. What are you waiting for? Get started today!