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Five Signs You Need to Rewrite Your CV

15701487_mApplying for jobs can be a time consuming process and it can take even longer if you have to rewrite your CV. But there certain moments that require you to rewrite your CV in order to improve your employment chances. Here are five signs you need to re-write your CV and some tips:

Lack of Job Interviews

If you have been sending your CV template out and have yet to secure a job interview then it’s a sign you need to look at your CV and make some edits. Scan through your CV and see if you can quickly identify your key skills and expertise. If you can’t, then it’s unlikely an employer will be able to. Go through your CV and highlight your key skills by editing the work experience section. Include any successes at work and any projects you have been involved in that you feel had an impact on previous companies you have worked for.  You should also try to personalise your CV for the industry you are applying to. Ensure that the employer can see that you have relevant work experience, qualifications and that you have demonstrated desirable skills.

Second Interview Rejection

Getting to the second stage of the interview process is tough and if you have been rejected more than once then, as well as assessing your job interview technique, you should revisit your CV. Your CV would have got you to the first stage of the interview process but it could have hindered your chances of getting further. An employer  may have felt that you were under qualified, overqualified or that you were not a right fit for the company. These are all things that are reflected on your CV. Revisit your work experience, career objective and hobbies on your CV to see if you can improve them before your next job interview. Ensure that your hobbies demonstrate your personality, that your work experience shows your key skills and that your career objective is in line with the role you are applying for.

You Have Been Travelling

If you have taken time out to travel then you should update your CV to reflect this. Travelling can be good for your CV as it demonstrates that you are ambitious, that you are able to communicate with a variety of people and that you have gained life skills. Update your hobbies and achievements with anything you feel is worth mentioning from your time travelling.


Volunteering can be very rewarding and can also be a great addition to your CV. If you have volunteered for a charity or at an event you should include this in the work experience section of your CV. Including your experience as a volunteer not only shows you are dedicated but it can also add new skills to your CV content.

Change Industries

Considering changing careers? Want to work in a different industry? Then it’s time to update your CV. If you want to apply for a completely new role then you need to change your CV to reflect your relevant work experience. Adapt your career objective to the industry you are applying to, highlight your key skills that you think an employer may find valuable and update your work experience to reflect your experience in the industry. If you have limited experience in the industry then it may be worth volunteering or applying for an internship to boost your CV.

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