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Read advice on how best to conduct yourself in a job interview.

Five Job Interview Myths

15216936_mJob interviews are all different but the formula for each one is pretty similar. You want to impress the interviewer, show your skills and demonstrate your knowledge and interest in their business. But there are a few myths floating around about job interviews and you shouldn’t always believe them…

First Impressions Are Everything

While first impressions are crucial, they are not everything. Yes – many people will make assumptions upon first meeting you but many people will actually remember the last few moments of when they met you. So ensuring you make a positive impact at the end of a job interview is vital. Leave them with a positive thought, emphasise your skills on your CV template or chat to them about something you know will grab their attention. It’s true that people buy people but remember it’s not all about first impressions – it’s about how you perform during the entire day.

It’s What You Do During the Interview That Counts

This is of course true but you need to consider what you do before and after as well. Picture this: you attend a job interview and perform brilliantly. You answer the questions well and strike up a good rapport with the interviewer. But before the interview you had a funny five minutes with the receptionist after you asked where you could place your chewing gum. After the interview you leave the building and ignore all of the other staff on the way out. As soon as you are outside (but not out of earshot) you yawn and sigh in relief that it’s over. The interviewer can see all of this. Would you hire you? Just like when you are writing a cover letter you need to remember what assets and personality traits you want to demonstrate and you shouldn’t let this slip until you are home from the interview.

It Doesn’t Matter What You Wear

Considering what to wear during a job interview is a crucial part of your success. If you turn up wearing bright, casual clothes it could give off the wrong impression. You need to remain smart – for more information on this watch our career video on what to wear at a job interview.

If You Don’t Hear Straight Away, You Haven’t Got the Job

Some interviewers will take a while to get back to you depending on the amount of people they have had apply and the urgency of the role. If you haven’t heard anything for a few weeks don’t despair – this doesn’t always mean you haven’t got the job. There could be a number of other factors to consider; the interviewer might want to conduct a group interview, they might have to compare your CV with other candidates or they might want to organise a workshop interview.

Wait For Them to Contact You

Why not contact them? Writing a follow up letter or email is a great way of reaffirming your interest and ensuring the interviewer doesn’t forget your name. Writing a thank you note a few days after the job interview is also another way of refreshing their memory. You don’t have to wait for them to contact you!