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Finding an Outdoors Job

21492569_mIf you are sick and tired of working in an office environment then searching for a job working outdoors could be the right move for you.

What Job Can I Do?

There are a variety of jobs and career paths that enable you to work outdoors. The advantage of working outdoors can be fresh air, more freedom and it can also make your job more interesting – as every day is different. If you are based in an office your scenery is more likely than not to be the same every day and this can get repetitive! So if you want to change this it could be worth exploring a career working outdoors. There are a host of roles that require outside working and some jobs include Builders, Maintenance Workers, Gardeners, Lifeguards, Park Rangers and Zoo Keepers. There are plenty of other jobs that require outside working so a quick search on the internet will help you to narrow down the industry you would like to work in. Some of these vacancies will require specific qualifications whilst others may only require work experience so do your research before you commit to a new career path.

How Do I Get My CV Noticed?

Before you consider applying for a job you need to find out what qualifications and skills you need. If you need to gain new qualifications then look into how you can secure these as adding them to your CV template will be highly beneficial. You should also try to gain work experience in your chosen field. Gaining work experience will not only give you an insight into the industry but it will also help you to bulk up your CV content and will also make your CV content more relevant to the job role. When an employer receives your CV they will be looking for key skills that are relevant to the position so try and highlight how you have used these in previous job roles. You should also use your cover letter to explain why you have picked their company. Many employers get bored with reading content that is all about the candidate so try to be different and give them some reasons as to why you picked them! This will make them feel special and could increase your chances of a job interview. Consider also using the hobbies section of your CV to further demonstrate your interest in this industry!