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Finding a Career to Match Your Personality

16343244_mLooking for a job can be difficult but looking for a job to match and compliment your personality can be even more difficult.

Throughout your career history you have probably found yourself in a job that you didn’t expect to be in. Perhaps it was the only feasible role around at the time or perhaps you had a friend working there who suggested you join the company? Either way don’t be disappointed if you find you have landed in a job that is far from your dream one.

One of the main things to think about in order to land your dream job is what kind of career or company you think would compliment your personality. If you send out your CV template to companies that you believe share the same values and beliefs as you then you are on the right track.

If you are a quiet, solitary person you probably like:

  • Concentrating on an independent project
  • To be left to get on with your work
  • To be praised, although perhaps not publicly

If you are a more outgoing individual you might like:

  • Working in a team
  • Working under pressure
  • Being publicly praised
  • Socialising while in work

Depending on what you feel your personality is, you should think about what kind of work environments would compliment you and bring out your skills. Would it be an office job? Do you like working from home? Would you like to freelance? Corporate or local company? Would you like to be a part of a big team?

When you sit down to write a cover letter and construct your CV you should think about all of these things before you send them out as it will help you to narrow down your job search and will hopefully result in job satisfaction.