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Looking for a Job

Read advice on how to track down the perfect career opportunity for you.

Defining the Job You Want

22000318_mDuring your job search it’s essential that you define what kind of job you want and what career progression you are looking for. This will help you to send out more targeted job applications and to write more sincere, effective cover letters.

Decide What Your Next Step Is

The first thing to do in your job search is to assess exactly what kind of job you want to do. Are you looking for something to help you earn extra cash during uni? Are you looking for something to help you develop your skills? Or are you looking for your next big career break? Answering these questions will really help you to narrow down your job search and write a cover letter.

Research Companies

Next you need to look at local or national companies you want to work for. Do your research on them by visiting their website or social media pages. Find out what they have been up to, a bit about their history and what staff they have working for them. Finding out all of this information will not only help you when applying for jobs but it will be very valuable if you do get to the job interview stage. By visiting their website you are more likely to found out about vacancies quickly too as this is the first place an employer will advertise jobs.

Define Your Salary

Depending on your goals, you may have a particular salary expectation. If you are looking to progress your career you may find a job that pays a little less than you wanted and you may have to start from the bottom. But if you are looking for a temporary job that will help you fund your travelling, then you need to look for a stable salary.


Networking is a great way of meeting like-minded people, especially if you have a particular industry in mind that you want to work in. Network with other employees as it will help you to define whether it’s the right job for you.

Update Your CV and Cover Letter

After you have done all of this you are now in a position to create a bespoke CV and cover letter. Ensure it addresses the employer personally, highlights your relevant skills and experience and refers to the job description!