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Job Interviews

Read advice on how best to conduct yourself in a job interview.

Defining a Job Interview

9627674_mIn order to prepare successfully for a job interview you should try and define exactly what a job interview involves and what it is trying to achieve to give yourself the best chance of securing the job.

All About You

First and foremost a job interview is designed to find out about you as an individual and as an applicant. The employer is inviting you to the interview to find out more about your CV and work experience and to see whether you are the right fit for their company. Therefore you should spend time looking over your CV and job application and preparing for possible questions about your work experience and qualifications. Doing this will enable you to prepare answers and to calm interview nerves.

All About The Job

If you are attending a job interview, you need to know or find out lots of information about the…job! As well as being about you, the interview is designed to find someone to fill a job vacancy and the company’s needs. Therefore you should try and look at the job description regularly to think of questions based on the job and to understand what the company is looking for. Knowing the job description and the responsibilities will also enable you to decide if it’s the right career move for you.

Matching Skills

One of the key things an employer will be looking at during a job interview is whether your skills match the role. They will be looking for specific skills and qualifications but also will be assessing personality and career objectives. A job interview is designed to decipher this as you can’t pick this up by looking at a CV. To prepare consider taking along your career portfolio and previous examples of work to support your achievements.

Looking to the Future

As well as understanding whether your skills fit the job and whether it’s a role you want to work in, a job interview is also designed to test your longevity. An employer will usually ask about your career hopes and ‘where you see yourself in five years time’. Try and research the company, the job and the career opportunities to decide whether you see yourself having a future at the company.