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Dealing with Difficult Job Interview Questions

14187031_mWe’ve mentioned before that every now and then you will find yourself attending an interview and being asked curveball questions. These are usually about the job and your passion for the company and are thrown in by the employer to test your ability to think on your feet. But there are other difficult questions that might come up too – here’s our guide on how to answer these and impress the interviewer.

  • Relationship with colleagues. Some interviewers will ask you to bring up a specific time where you have helped a colleague – just to see what your rapport building and approachability is like. Remember, if you have had a disagreement in the past and the job you are applying for is in the same industry, the interviewer could possibly know about this. So this question requires you to be honest. Promote your rapport building skills and try and think of one or two occasions before you attend the interview – avoid lying.
  • You might be asked about your ability to work extra hours. Even if you are going for a retail job (where weekends and evenings are expected) if you don’t want to work these extras, or can’t, then you shouldn’t be afraid to tell the employer. Tell the employer how flexible you are with hours – ensuring that they aren’t under false pretence with what shifts you can work.
  • If you have gaps in your employment this may come up. You should try and breeze through these questions and don’t draw too much attention to them.  Take your time to answer the questions too, to re-assure the employer you are not nervous! For more information read our article about how to fill gaps in your CV.

Remember, if you do find yourself answering questions like these take your time to respond and ensure you think about the answers. Spend time before the interview updating your CV too so you are prepared.