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CV Writing Styles

14763356_mWhen you are writing a CV you might want to think about using a different writing style depending on the job role. There are a variety of CV template styles you can choose from and picking the right one might help you to get a job interview.


This style of CV writing means you are outlining all of your key skills and qualifications and using these to strengthen your CV. Instead of talking about each role, you tell the employer what skills you learned and what skills you brought to the position.


When writing a CV you never want to be too colloquial – you should keep it professional at all times. However a conversational CV is more content than facts. You describe your past duties and your achievements.


Tailoring a specific CV is appropriate if you are looking to work in a specific industry. This usually means you refine your work experience and only include roles that are similar to the one you are applying for. Targeting your CV in this way will help you to demonstrate your expertise.

Facts and Figures

Writing an achievement CV full of facts and figures is especially good for when you want to give the employer a visual of your success and what you can do for their company. This CV, when accompanied with a career portfolio, can really help an employer visualise the benefits you might have on their organisation.

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